OFF-ROAD with silver medal in Australia!

Yet another huge success of our students from OFF-ROAD Student Research Group!

On recent Australian Rover Challenge competition, whick took place on 23th to 26th of March 2023 students from Project Scorpio have won a silver medal! 

The competition was composed of four days of performing complex tasks that included inspecting the lander’s systems and reporting any defects (Post Landing Task). The competition included 7 other machines from around the world alongside our rover. In all of the tasks, the Scorpio 7 rover placed 1st or 2nd, which allowed our students to ultimately take second place in the overall classification.

Huge congratulations to our students! We wish them good luck at the next Rover Challenge series competitions, for which the students from the OFF-ROAD Student Research Group are already preparing.

More information about our students’ recent success on our University website.